Venice La Redfish

January, 2018 We had a good start to the new year, We had Bruce and friends from Atlanta come down for several days of fishing for big Bull reds. We hoped for a mild winter but so far its been really cold!  Weather and wind sometimes prevents you from going to where the fish have…


Redfish Venice La

December Venice la fishing has been incredible!

We have had folks from South Carolina,South Dakota, Texas.

Really though the fishing has been good, weather comfortable and seas have been calm

and its aloud us to fish just about anywhere we wanted. Hopefully we have another mild winter.

Redfish Venice, LA

Mark and David from Missouri came in for a couple of days.  We killed the bull reds!  Here they are doubled up.  We had an exciting 2 days and looking forward to them returning next year.  The weather has been tough and very windy but we pulled through it and had successful run.

redfish venice la

Nov 10th,2016 The Redfish bite is incredible! Had some guys from Kentucky the last few days and the fishing was awesome. The reds are still hanging out on the outside for now but once the cold fronts really start pushing down they should move more into the interior bays. That’s helps sometimes with being able…